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Around The Farm

All our accommodations feature generous outdoor spaces, but guests are free to explore the property, most of which is in its natural condition except for the remnants of the horse operation which are in various states of cinematic decay. There is abundant wildlife and quite a bit to discover.


Hiking in the Woods

The entire property includes over 70 acres of pasture and woodlands. There are trails into the woods, through some of the pasture, and you are free to hike. All that we ask is that you please respect the neighbors no trespassing signs. Some of the locations ponds, a high ridge with distant views to the south of the property, an old run-in barn the horses used to use, as well as the creek that flows out from Lake Richard to become Peter's Run, then Wheeling Creek, and eventually, the Ohio River.

The Play Structure

Kids at the Estate House enjoy an outdoor play area with two slides, three swings, as well as some monkey bars to keep them busy.


The Pagoda

Constructed years ago by caretaker Wayne for the owners' wedding on the property. The Pagoda is a short walk from the estate house or the Tiny House and remains a wonderful rustic spot for ceremonies, a place to sit at the small table and have a glass of wine or beer, all while experiencing the golden hours.

Lake Richard

This large fishing pond on the "back forty" is primarily for the use of guests who have booked the Cabin, but Estate House guests and Tinyhouse guests are free to visit the ponds north end and even drop in their own fishing line while respecting the Cabin guests' privacy. Cabin guests have access to kayaks, a dock, golf tees for practice shots over the water, and enjoy great views of the water fountain.


Farm Work

If you'd like to sample the rural life, with wood cutting, log splitting, brushhogging and mowing, or other traditional farm labor, you may apply to the caretaker Wayne, who reviews applications on a case by case basis and just might have the work your looking for to warm the muscles and soothe the soul.

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