I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree . . .

Innisfree Farms is a converted horse farm located just outside Wheeling, West Virginia, devoted to helping others get away, relax, and unwind. It was our own home for many years and all the accommodations are filled with the things we wanted for ourselves, including quiet relaxation, space to entertain, and natural experiences that make memories and encourage deeper connections. 

We value each and every one of our past guests who have taken the time to leave us reviews here, on Airbnb, or in the journals that we provide in each of our four unique locations on the property. They are the best testament to the unique and magical effect that this property has on each person that visits. Whether you are planning a wedding for 50 guests, or a weekend alone in the woods, we have a place for you.

Around the Farm

All our accommodations feature generous outdoor spaces, but guests are free to explore the property, most of which is in its natural condition except where the remnants of the old horse farm still peek through the wild greens in various states of cinematic decay. Let this land be your adventure.

A typical day at the farm involves waking up to sounds of nature, hot coffee, and perhaps a walk in the woods to clear your mind. During the day you can stay put, or explore Wheeling, West Virginia's craft breweries, Oglebay Park, or the historic Center Market downtown. When evening comes, you can cook over a campfire or with your well-equipped kitchen, have a glass of whatever you'd like, and stargaze.

Hiking Trails

The entire property includes over 70 acres of pasture and woodlands. There are trails into the woods, through some of the pasture, and you are free to hike them all. All that we ask is that you please respect the neighbors' no trespassing signs. A map is provided to keep you on-property. You'll find ponds, a high ridge with distant views, an old run-in barn horses used to use (soon to be made into human habitat!), a little creek and Appalachian hardwood forest. Deer, rabbits, groundhogs, geese, a crane, and other creatures can be spotted as you go.

The Pagoda

This classic architectural form was constructed years ago by the farm's first caretaker, Wayne Moss, for our wedding on the property. The Pagoda is a short walk from the estate house and remains a wonderful rustic spot for large ceremonies, or as a place to sit at the small table for morning coffee or with an evening cocktail, to experience the golden hours.

Lake Richard

This large fishing pond on the "back forty" is primarily for the use of guests who have booked the Cabin, but Estate House guests and Tinyhouse guests are free to visit the ponds north end and even drop in their own fishing line while respecting the Cabin guests' privacy. Cabin guests have access to kayaks, a dock, golf tees for practice shots over the water, and enjoy great views of the water fountain.

Four Seasons of Beauty

The outdoors has the power to heal us and restore our minds harried by modernity, technology and over-work. Feel yourself rejuvenating and rejoicing in a place meant for people, not gadgets. The cabin has no wi-fi and many guests have shared with us how their families -- especially younger members -- got to truly experience the outdoors when long hours on devices were no longer an option!